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Exploring the perceived dichotomies that surround us; Strength vs fragility, construction vs deconstruction, chaos vs order, these are just some of the inherent tensions visualised through demonstrative performance works and sculptural installations; spotlighting human/ material engagement.


​Often referencing architectural themes, processes and materials, demonstrative of how our relationship with materiality is rarely as straightforward as it seems. Unleashing the resilient motion of activated human form against industrial, reinforced, structural builds, probing the questioning of the wider implications for seemingly stable and impenetrable social systems.


​Platforming the idea that there is a perpetual tension within the human body; an oscillation between strength and fragility. The conceptual projects demonstrate practically violently, how this might be visualised in relation to materiality. Specifically citing interest in physically isolating, processing and re-manifesting in space the relationship we have with structures - both object and human - that we engage with or frequently encounter within the context of our inhabited urban landscapes.


​The work is contingent upon our surroundings but not limited to one place or narrative. Continuously referencing the landscape, history and environment around us, all objects and places are imbued with a sense of memory. Through observation, reflection, manipulation and re-contextualisation the aim is to visually translate and present ideas which may urge the reconsideration towards the sense of place.

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